Testing Integrity – Real People Proctors

According to a recent study, Cheryl J. Wachenheim, an associate professor of agribusiness and applied economics at North Dakota State University, her economics online students may be cheating for final exams since they aren’t proctored and the temptation of cheating seems to high to pass up.  A faculty member teaching both on ground and online classes, Wachenheim fears students in an online environment may be cramming assignments and homework into the final weeks of a self-paced course thus retaining very little if any information in preparation for the final.  With limited time, students may be more likely to cheat since they are able to use external resources such as open books and notes during tests with no consequences. Read the full article published in The Chronicle here.

Testing Integrity is a hot button in the world of online learning environments.  Cutting edge technologies have flooded the market but can be costly, require bulky devices, and in many cases have raised the proverbial “Big Brother Eyebrow”.  What happened to a real, live, human being proctoring an exam?  Many schools do require students to have proctored final exams.  However, in some cases they are asked to find the proctor themselves.  Really?  “Sure, I think my “Aunt Sally” can ‘proctor’ my test”…you get the picture…where’s the objectivity?

SmarterProctors is a database of individuals who are available all over the United States to proctor exams.  Graduate students, clergy, teachers, notaries, librarians, unbiased individuals ready to proctor a high stakes exam at a local library, office, or church.  Creating a profile is free.  Proctors set their fees and fees are paid through our secure and user-friendly system.  To learn more go to SmarterProctors.com.