The Value of a Dollar – Blog Series

Ain’t what it used to be! Can I get an “AMEN!”? When crunching numbers, whether referring to your personal finances or shrinking budgets in the workplace, getting the most value for a buck is no easy task.  hand-squeezing-dollarJoin us this week as we cover how to make a tight budget work for you.  We will be covering topics related to the education industry. Stay tuned!

  • Tuesday – Personal – Are you mortgaging your house just to pay for your child’s college texbooks?  Check out our 5 smart ways to save.
  • Wednesday – Corporate – Are your printing costs too high? Check out 5 smarter ways to decrease the paper trail and lower costs.
  • Thursday – Professional – Has your travel budget been cut AGAIN? Trying to make the most of your conference? Check out the 5 smartest things you can do to maximize your travel dollars.