Think Positive, See Potential, and Learn

Some people just have a genuine knack for finding the positive side of everything, don’t they? They have a unique ability to see beauty in a run down shack by focusing on the history of memories it displays.  They see a bare rose bush and remember the recent scent or anticipate the beauty of buds to come.  Some look at bare trees in the winter and see a strong foundation for new birth. Seeing the potential in something or appreciating the story behind it, is a tool that is cultivated through education, maturity, and knowledge.

The Wordless Wednesday post this week, shows before and after pictures of the Niagara Falls.  WOW!  Who would’ve thought a big hole could become one of the most majestic phenomenons in the world?  As a company, we are more than just an education software provider, we believe strongly in being “lifelong learners” and finding the best in all things and everyone.  It is true that when we learn new things we represent something beautiful with knowledge and power to impact our own life and those around us in a positive way.

So go forth. Learn. Appreciate. Stay positive!