Top 7 Myths About Online Education

Although online education has been around for over a decade, there are still several myths or misconceptions about it.  Many strides have been made to dispel some misinformation but there is still work to do.

Many schools find themselves struggling to help students overcome inaccurate feelings of what distance learning is and what it entails.  Listed below are the top seven myths of online education published in a recent post on from Jennifer Williamson.  Can you think of more to add to this list?

  1. You don’t get as much peer and teacher interaction online.
  2. Online education isn’t as good as traditional school.
  3. Online education is a scam.
  4. Online education is easy.
  5. You can’t transfer distance learning credits to other universities.
  6. Traditional colleges look down on online education.
  7. Employers don’t accept online degrees.