Trends Support Need to Improve Student Readiness

In the annual Distance Education Survey Results published by Instructional Technology Council, trends support the need to address improving student readiness and retention.  SmarterMeasure learning readiness indicator is in line with these goals.  Measuring personal attributes like time management and procrastination, learning styles, life factors, reading rate and recall, technical competency, and typing speed and accuracy SmarterMeasure provides a complete profile of a student’s readiness level to study at a distance.

The survey went on to say programs lack staff and resources to be successful.  SmarterMeasure also offers to students remedial helps that assist them in overcoming their weaknesses, while administrators can use the student data to respond to them appropriately.

As enrollments in community colleges continue to grow, retention will be key to maximize on economic impact.  Implementing a learning readiness indicator in distance learning orientations will be the smart thing to do!  Check out SmarterMeasure today and inquire about a FREE trial phase!