Trends, Terms, and Tech for Higher Education Forecasting in 2015

What’s new for 2015? If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to educate yourself on the latest with what’s happening in Higher Ed and the tech world, check out the list below and get those reading glasses out!


  • Tuition prices continue to rise forcing schools to get creative with tuition discounting and slashing programs
  • MOOCs decline but Competency Based Learning gains traction
  • Collecting & analyzing data among institutions remains a priority but ow to do it effectively continues to elude
  • Schools begin evaluating current practices such as orientations, FYE, on-boarding and consider a “reset” to maximize implementation and ensure full utilization of what they have in place
  • Population of students with dependents continues to rise, currently over 25%
  • Access to quality, affordable education will be sensitive topic and varied solutions proposed

  • Non-cognitive and critical thinking skills will continue to be recognized as keys to student success

2015 trend higher ed wordle


  • “The Internet of Things” – the private sector will become increasingly aware of how to manage and use IoT but higher education will lag behind with limited knowledge and lack of strategy to effectively use it
  • “Personalizing education” continues to be a priority to meet unique student needs


  • Faculty will continue to need ongoing training to keep up with rapidly changing technology
  • Segmented efforts continue as schools struggle to coordinate tech options so they all work together and “talk to each other”

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