WCET Leadership Summit – Under the Sword of Data

Recently, our president, Dr. Mac Adkins had the privilege of attending the WCET Leadership Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was an intimate gathering of higher ed professionals who are focused on research and trying to figure out what to do with all the data schools are collecting about students.  Everything from student retention, engagement, and readiness analytics was discussed in an attempt to answer the question, “Now What?”. Mac was able to join the conversation and had meaningful dialogue with colleagues about readiness and retention in MOOCS, the PAR framework project, and student orientations.

Cali Morrison put together an outstanding blog post highlighting the entire 3 day meeting.  WCET has also put together a full list of resources that can help navigate the topic of managing, understanding, and effectively using the data we are collecting on students.  A list of topics discussed were:

  1. Data Change Everything
  2. Analytical Capacity Building for Institutions
  3. Creating a Culture of Retention and Persistence – Now that we know, what do we do?
  4. Developing a Data Strategy
  5. Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework: Academic Risk Identification
  6. Student Success by the Numbers
  7. Extreme Data
  8. It’s All About the Students

For all those who attended, you’ll appreciate the youtube video. The question truly is, “Now What?”.