Workforce Development – The Link Between Jobs and Education

Early next month, I will have the honor of joining the Texas Association of Community College’s (TACC)President’s Meeting in Galveston, TX.  I am looking forward to meeting the TACC presidents while learning more about the unique challenges Texans face when trying to balance work, family, and school.  Over the past 5 years, the economic climate has pushed many community colleges to examine their course offerings. TACC has worked hard to ensure all of the community colleges in the state are providing relevant training to keep Texans working.

With the increased adult enrollment at colleges and the rising demand for new skills, community colleges have found themselves looking for flexible options that provide ways for adults to gain new skills while continuing to work. As highlighted in a recent article from, seven colleges are doing a good job to offer relevant training programs like water environmental technology, energy technology, and medical laboratory science among others.

I am anxious to learn what programs are applicable to Texans and how community colleges in the state are successfully keeping up with the demands.  See you soon, Texas!