Writing Readiness Indicator Analysis

Beginning in the Summer of 2012 a private, regionally accredited University began using the Writing Readiness Indicator (WRI). Over a period of nine months more than 4000 students completed the assessment. The University conducted an analysis to determine the relationship between scores on the WRI and student performance in the Orientation Course, general academic performance and retention. The findings were very strong and are shared on the attached presentation. Findings included these statements:

  • Students who passed the Orientation Course had statistically significant higher means than students who failed the Orientation Course.
  • Students who passed their first academic course had statistically significant higher means than students who failed their first academic course.
  • There is a statistically significant correlation between student’s scores on the WRI and their grades on writing assignments in their first two academic courses.
  • Students who scored 15 points or lower (30 percentile) had significantly lower retention rates for the first three academic courses.

The University concluded that the Writing Readiness Indicator is a strong predictor of student performance and indicator of students who would benefit from support for their writing skills. Click here to see the full slidedeck with the research.